Gas Fire Pit

One-of-a-Kind Gas Fire Pits – Functional Art

The fire pit gallery at The Bernard Company is the perfect place to search for your custom gas fire pit. We hand craft fire pits from almost entirely repurposed materials to create the ideal addition to any outdoor space. They help to extend the time you can spend enjoying your outdoor spaces. With a flick of the switch your family, friends and guests will have a place to gather that encourages conversation.

Why Custom Fire Pits Are Best

You have a few choices when you are shopping for fire pits. You can go to a big box store and have the same fire pit as your neighbor. You can order online from other mass production sites and find the same fire pits that everyone else has. Custom fire pits from The Bernard Company are hand crafted, making each unique from the other. Repurposed materials are used to create one of a kind beautiful fire pits. Custom is best because:

  • It is a work of art that enhances your space
  • It is a great way to repurpose materials
  • It is a conversation starter

Your Options

Typically, you have two options for fire pit fuel: you can choose a wood burning pit or one that is fueled by gas. Both give you the same results, but when you choose a gas model you are choosing the option that you do not have to clean up after. Wood burning pits are great but they do require a bit more work than their gas counterparts. With gas, you do not have to worry about cleaning up ash. It comes down to personal preference. The Bernard Company builds both.

A custom fire pit can help add that extra something to your outdoor space. Contact us to learn more!


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